The shingle beach running north of Deal towards Sandwich is a remote place, which even on a sunny day in summer you will largely have to yourself. The sea is rather brown, but the beach is gently shelving, and it makes a tranquil place for a dip.

As at Deal, there are strong currents running parallel to the shore here, so don't go too far out. However these are sometimes absent in the sweep of bay to the north of the houses of the Sandwich Bay estate, directly seaward of the Royal St George Golf Course.

  • The interesting and ancient town of Sandwich, frozen at its medieval size by the silting up of its port, is well worth a visit. Two miles inland, it is best reached by the footpaths that cross the golf course and then follow the River Stour.

  • Walking two miles northwards from Sandwich Bay brings you to Shell Ness, where I am told there is a seal colony.

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