St Margaret's Bay

Book 2 Walk 30 Dover to Deal

Halfway on the Dover to Deal walk, this compact little cove is backed by steep cliffs, making it a very scenic place for a dip. There is a good depth of water at higher states of the tide, when there is almost no current close to the shore though a moderate one further out. At low tide there is shallow sea over rocks.

  • Food and drink: The Coastguard Pub at one end of the cove is a firm favourite: its fish in beer batter is particularly recommended. There is also a seasonal tea kiosk on the beach. The best refreshment stop hereabouts is the Blue Birds Tea Room, set in an old coastguard hut on the clifftop about half a kilometre to the north of the beach (though in 2017 there were reports that it was for sale or being redeveloped). St Margaret's-at-Cliffe inland also has plenty of pubs, and hourly buses (every two hours on Sundays) to Dover or Deal.

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