Fairlight Cove

A lovely hidden beach in Hastings County Park on the coast between Hastings and Fairlight. The nearest car park is at Fireheights (on top of a cliff with a pretty view). Satnav: TN35 4AB.

Its a steep walk down to the beach, down into a valley, then up over a headland, then back down to the top of the trail down to the beach. Its well signposted. The last part of the trail down is "at your own risk", but quite easy. Duck under the fence by the warning sign, and carry on down steps cut into the cliff that are maintained by a local naturist.

The beach is marked on the OS map as Covehurst Bay, but marked as Fairlight Glen on the county park signs.

At low tide only, its possible to walk along the beach west to Hastings or east to Pett Level.

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