Walks: Faversham to Whitstable

At low tide, Whistable and the coast to the west of it look like the last place on earth you might swim. The tide goes out a long way here, over a mix of sand and mud that is home to the famous Whitstable oysters. When the tide comes in, this flat bottom is quickly covered with two to three metres of sea, however, and makes a pleasant sheltered spot for a dip. It is particularly nice is when the tide is about two thirds of the way out and it is deep enough to swim but you can also touch the bottom. At such times you can swim quite a way out from the shore and never be out of your depth (though you might end up wading a long way back to the beach). Make sure the tide is going out rather than rising before you try this, however.

  • On sunny summer days, trains can be hugely crowded to and from Whitstable due to day trippers going to Margate

  • Food and drink: there are lots of options in the old heart of Whistable, including places where you can sample oysters. The Old Neptune pub just to the south of the centre offers the charming option of sitting on the beach apres-swim (or even between swims!) with a beer or glass of wine. In summer there are also fine sunsets across the bay from this point.

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